How much will it cost?
£3500 for the five months, this includes tuition, food, accommodation and the mission trip. This is payable in advance.

Where will I stay?
For most of the time you will stay at Lox Lane in a shared room.

What if I take care of my own accommodation?
If you live locally it may be possible to stay at home. The cost would be adjusted accordingly.

Can I work while at the Academy?
No this is a full-time course and you will need to be fully committed to the programme.

Can I bring my car?
Yes, if you have a car you may find it useful.

Can I bring my pet?
No sorry, but it is the countryside you might see some animals.

I have a food allergy…
We will work with you to accommodate medically essential diets.

Can I attend for just part of the time?
It is better to attend for the whole course. However there are lots of shorter courses and events at Lox lane that are open to all.

I am applying from abroad will I need a visa?
In most cases you can visit to study for less than 6 months without a visa, please check your specific needs here:
If you do require a visa please contact us for advise.