Father’s Heart Academy has grown out of Fathers House and Shaftesbury which has been a worshipping community since 1977. Initially the congregation met in different venues before purchasing the property in Shaftesbury. Soon after this we were able to buy Lox Lane Farm, a beautiful 19th century dairy farm. It was transformed into a centre for people to encounter God and finding a place of love, acceptance and healing in the Father’s love.

Over a period of many years we have been involved in leading people into a place of forgiveness and heart healing as they get to know and understand more the love of their Heavenly Father.
The purpose of the five month academy is to give people an extended period of time where they can be fully immersed into the Father’s love and see their lives changed
We want to give young people the opportunity to establish themselves in the Lord and to go deeper into his heart as they grow in their faith and face the challenges of life. We have two academies per year each running for five months one beginning in September and one in March. There will be Biblical teaching and training and opportunities to serve both at Father’s House and in other churches, in the areas of worship, children’s work, social outreach and caring.
We aim to help you develop your areas of gifting those with musical gifts, in worship, creative gifts, kindness, hospitality, and more.
During the academy there will be conferences at Lox Lane when we will welcome different teachers to come and share their heart
Each academy will culminate in a mission trip either at home or abroad.